Bare for all to see

A couple of times in my life I have had the opportunity to show off to total strangers. This one time I was naked at a secluded beach and an older guy walked by and saw me. He walked past me about 50 feet and then stopped and turned back to look at me.  My cock got hard and I started jacking off.  When I knew I had his attention, I lifted my legs back and showed him my hole.  It was such a thrilling feeling knowing that this total stranger was looking at my open anus.  I played with my hole,  fucked myself with my finger and jacked off till I shot my load.  I still fantasize about that day even though it was many years ago. I am always hopeful that something like that happens in the future.


In praise of small cocks

I’m weird in that I am a gay guy that prefers small penises on men.  Why that is I am not sure. Maybe I just love watching the little guy bounce around with movement. Maybe I think that guys with smaller cocks are less arrogant and more interested in having fun.  I especially love a guy that has a small cock and a big ball sack. Many bearish guys are like this and that is just fine with me.

Naked and smooth

A dedicated exhibitionist will shave all the hair from his cock, balls and anus.  Being hairless makes me feel more naked- sun and wind now hit smooth bare skin.  No hair also means that you are more visible.  Those parts of the body that are most interesting are no longer hiding behind hair. You can see clearly the shape of the testicles or the beautiful pattern of the exterior anus.

Look at my anus

Showing off your asshole a most revealing activity. Most guys have never even seen their own, let alone shown it off.  But there it is, all hidden away in the crack of your ass.  Like other body parts, every man is different. Some have a hole that has a raised rim like lips. Other guys have a smooth hole with no rim.  Some holes are large slits (like my own!) others are just a perfect little hole.  Either way, the sight of  a (clean) hole drives me wild.

Barefeet in the air

I just love looking at guys feet. In the summer I walk around checking out guys that are wearing sandals.  Occasionally there is a rare sighting of a barefoot guy which gets me even more excited.  Some places are more accepting of barefooters but not the city I live in.   I used to be bolder go barefoot more often.  I don’t seem to do that very often these days.  But I do love to feel the different textures under my bare soles.

Guys who like to show off

I admire men that are comfortable enough with their own bodies that they can show off everything they’ve got.  And what better way to do that then on your back with your feet in the air- everything opened out and on display.  Don’t be afraid to show off your most private of parts. Show them off boldy for everyone to see.

My favorite pose

Welcome to my site dedicated to guys that like to show of in a particular way.  Photos are full body guys with their legs pulled back and feet in the air.  I get so excited when I see a guy pose this way- everything I love is clearly on display.